How to support campaign #RepairTheRightBody

In the Civil Liability Bill currently going through Parliament, the government wants to minimise the damages that injured people are entitled to, even if they suffer pain and inconvenience for two years.

Should these reforms go ahead, they are likely to come into force early next year, so please act now.

At First4Lawyers we believe there should be a fair and appropriate system to support those involved in a road traffic accident. They should be able to seek redress and compensation for any injury suffered, get their vehicle back on the road in a suitable condition and receive the support they need to make a full recovery.

First4Lawyers, along with other leading law firms, have been actively lobbying against these changes to government direct and now we need your support.

What can you do?

Contact your MP today – tell them they need to help stop the government from taking away the right to fair compensation for people injured in a road traffic accident that wasn’t their fault.

  • Email or Tweet your MP to protest against the proposed reforms – look up your MP's contact details
  • Ask your MP to challenge the government about this unfair bill that will:

Reduce the amount of compensation you or your family will receive for suffering neck and back injuries as a result of a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

Force the majority of road traffic accident victims to go through the Small Claims Court, without the help of a solicitor, even though insurers defending claims will have one.

Even if you can persuade a solicitor to act for you, you will be force to pay their fees even if you win, instead of recovering them from the other side as currently happens.

Give insurance companies a windfall of at least £200 million – that is the government’s own, conservative, figure.

So far, the insurance industry has had the loudest voice on the impact of these changes. It’s time for the voices of ordinary people to be heard.

Questions for your local MP

Less than 1 in 3 people involved in a car accident make a claim for compensation. How is this evidence of a compensation claim culture?

Why are you wanting to cap the amount that can be paid out to an injured person, yet there is no cap on costs for repairing damaged vehicles?

Why does the rise in the Small Claims Limit outstrip the consumer price index?

Why is the government proposing that I can claim more for a delayed flight than the pain and suffering caused in a car accident?

Why are insurers making so much profit yet still pushing up the cost of insurance for motorists?

Is it right that insurers can make £ millions from owning vehicle repair centres, yet they say the costs of repairs are going up?

If insurers are so interested in reducing the number of personal injury claims for compensation, how come many of them own law firms that help people make a claim?

Motoring-related personal injury claims are falling year on year, so why is the cost of my insurance going up?


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