Laser Eye Surgery Claims

If you have suffered damage to your eyesight as a result of negligent laser eye surgery, you could well have grounds for a medical negligence claim.


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What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that allows people with eyesight problems to have all or part of their vision problems fixed.

We understand that going through a process to make your eyesight perfect, and coming out of it with damage to your eyesight can be very distressing and we're here to help with any complication you may have suffered.

There can be many complications though, which include:

  • Cosmetic surgery negligence
    A lack of care and attention could cause a patient lasting cosmetic damage.
  • Use of outdated equipment
    The latest technology is needed to make sure all laser eye surgery goes without a hitch. Use of old equipment risks causing injuries to the patient.
  • NHS negligence
    When performing laser eye surgery, NHS hospitals and clinics are required to perform safely. Failure to do so could increase the risks of accidents happening.
  • Incomplete safety checks
    Before each operation, doctors/surgeons must ensure that everything in the operating theatre is safe to use.

Who could be at fault?

You could make your compensation claim against one of two parties – the surgeon performing the operation, or the hospital or surgery in which it took place.

The surgeon could be at fault because they weren’t doing their job properly, while the hospital/surgery could be culpable because they provided substandard equipment for your laser eye surgery.

How much can I claim?

Due to the distressing nature of damage to, or even loss of eyesight, we're here to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. Making a medical negligence claim could help you get back on your feet after what you've been through.

Minor eye injuries caused by defective laser eye surgery could mean at least £3,460 is awarded. However, the unfortunate event of total loss of eyesight as a result of botched surgery would see the amount potentially reach £235,630, depending on individual situations.

More about making a claim

How long do I have to claim?

It can depend. Ideally, after finding the treatment that will help you on the road to recovery, you should consider contacting First4Lawyers to start your claim.

If you're not sure exactly when the incident occurred, you can call us to discuss the incident with one of our specialist solicitors, who will handle your case with the level of sensitivity that is required.

Ithink I have a laser eye surgery claim. What should I do?

Making a claim for compensation with First4Lawyers is the best course of action. You can begin by filling out our online form, or alternatively you can simply contact us to discuss anything you would like, in relation to your injury. Whatever you decide to do, our team of expert solicitors is on hand to help you through this difficult time.


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