Childbirth and Gynaecology Claims

Have you suffered when undergoing obstetrics or gynaecology? When you are pregnant, both obstetrics and gynaecology are standard procedures, but there is potential for complications, especially where negligent care occurs.


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What is gynaecology negligence?

Pregnancy and childbirth should be a joyful journey, so we at First4Lawyers understand how distressing it is when something goes wrong.

Obstetrics and gynaecology covers care for pregnant women and their unborn children, with regular check-ups and screening tests. Everything should really go without a hitch, but we're here for you if any complications occur.

Complications can include:

• Misdiagnosis
Failure to spot diseases such as cancer during screening tests could be serious or even fatal.

• NHS and GP negligence
Such as failure to provide scans detecting problems with the unborn child, or use of outdated or unsafe equipment.

• Erb’s Palsy
A condition which develops from complications during birth, it affects the nerves controlling one of a new-born child’s arms.

• Delays in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy
In some cases, this can cause major complications when birth is on the horizon.

Who could be at fault?

The people held accountable for obstetrics and gynaecology negligence are usually either the medical professionals carrying out the care, or in most cases, the hospital where they took place. Failure to provide safe and professional care can be seen as reckless.

How much can I claim?

We understand that making a medical claim may not be the first thing on your mind, as you should take the time to emotionally and physically recover as best as you can.

Compensation amounts vary greatly depending on how serious the damage is, whether it is permanent and what implications it has on your life.

As a broad example, a failed sterilisation can be awarded up to £8,940, whereas infertility resulting from a failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy could result in compensation up to £89,560.

How long do I have to claim?

We recommend that you make your claim as soon as you feel comfortable in doing so. This way, our expert solicitors can help you through this difficult time, while handling your case with the level of sensitivity that you deserve.

More about making a claim

I’ve suffered from childbirth and gynaecology negligence. What should I do?

Once you feel ready to do so, you should consider contacting First4Lawyers to make a claim.

We'll take the stress out of making a claim by doing all the work for you, while providing you with the support you need at this difficult and unfortunate time. You can also just contact us, if you would like to talk through your options.

If you have concerns about an NHS treatment or service you’ve experienced, you can file a letter of complaint. This includes treatment funded by the NHS at a private hospital.

A letter of complaint isn’t the same as making a medical negligence claim, but it could be used as part of your case if you want to claim.


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