Football Injury Claims

Football can be a dangerous sport and injuries aren’t uncommon. But if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could have a football injury claim.


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Can I claim compensation for a football injury?

If you’ve been injured because of dangerous or aggressive behaviour on or off the pitch, you could claim compensation. Equally, if the pitch, equipment or training methods caused you injury, you may be able to claim.

Examples of scenarios that could lead to a football injury claim include:

  • Bad training advice or methods that result in accidents
  • Physical assault
  • Poorly kept pitches or equipment that lead to players being injured
  • Violent or reckless tackles

These are just a few examples, so you shouldn’t be put off if what happened to you isn’t listed here. If you think you could have a case, get in touch with our claims advisors to find out if we could help you.

When can you make a football injury claim?

To make a football injury claim, you’ll need to be able to prove your injury was the result of someone else’s behaviour. This will mean gathering evidence to support your claim, including:

  • CCTV footage
  • Medical reports detailing your injuries
  • Witness accounts from people who saw the accident
  • Your own memory of events

Part of your solicitor’s role will be to bring together key pieces of evidence that could strengthen your case. So you shouldn’t worry if you’re not able to secure all of this information straight away.

How can First4Lawyers help?

When you get in touch with us, our advisors will have a free initial chat with you where they will establish what happened and whether you’re likely to have a successful case.

If we’re able to take on your claim, and you choose to go forward, we’ll put you in touch with an experienced personal injury solicitor. They will build a case on your behalf and guide you through the process from start to finish.

For football injury claims, we work on a No Win No Fee basis. So there will be nothing to pay upfront and no cost to you if your claim is unsuccessful.

Only pay a fee if you receive compensation

Our No Win No Fee solicitors will take a success fee from the compensation you are awarded for a successful claim in the form of a percentage of your damages. This could be up to 25% but it won't be more than that, except in cases of road traffic accidents and housing disrepair. Changing laws mean our solicitors will now take a payment of 35% of the final compensation amount plus VAT for all road traffic accident and housing disrepair claims.

First4Lawyers are an award-winning claims management company with a track record of delivering service that our clients love.

Football injury claim FAQs

How much compensation will I receive for a football injury claim?

The amount of compensation you receive for your football injury will depend on a number of factors. But generally, settlements for successful claims are split into two categories: general damages and special damages.

  • General damages
    This part of your compensation will consider the pain and suffering caused by your injuries, taking into account both the physical and psychological impact. For an estimate of how much you could receive in general damages, try our free compensation calculator.
  • Special damages
    These damages will factor in any financial losses related to your accident. This could be lost earnings if you’ve had to take time off work to recover, or the cost of treatments like physiotherapy.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

There is usually a three-year time limit on football injury claims. This may seem like a long time but we would always suggest speaking to a legal expert as early as possible.

Seeking legal advice sooner rather than later will help you to work out where you stand in relation to making a claim. It could also help to improve the strength of your case, as it will be easier for your solicitor to access relevant evidence.

If you’re making a claim on behalf of a child, the time limits will be slightly different. Instead of three years, you’ll have until the child turns 18 to make a claim. After this, the child would have three years from their 18th birthday to bring a claim themselves.

I think I have a football injury claim – what do I do next?

As with any accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Your health is the most important thing, so this should be put before anything else.

Next, you could consider making a football injury claim. Our knowledgeable claims advisors are here to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

If we think you could have a claim, we’ll ask if you’d like to be put in touch with one of our specialist solicitors. It will be completely up to you to decide whether you’d like to proceed at this point, and we’ll never pressure you either way.

To find out more about how we could help you, give our team a call on the number at the top of the screen or request a callback. We also have a quick and easy claims form if you’d prefer to reach out to us online.

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