Is it Worth Getting a Snagging Survey on a New Build?

What does snagging mean?

Snagging refers to the process of checking new build properties for problems or ‘snags’, such as loose tiling or cracks in the paintwork.

The purpose of a snagging inspection is to catch these issues before work has finished on the development, which is why the process only applies to new build homes.

You don’t have to arrange a snagging survey when buying a new build, but it is usually worthwhile. This is because new build developments are often built quickly, which means problems can be missed.

A snagging survey can help you identify any problems before you move in. So you won’t have the additional stress of trying to get things fixed after the construction workers have left.

What is the snagging process for new builds?

You can complete a snagging survey yourself or instruct a charted surveyor. But we would suggest hiring a professional. While this is an additional cost, it will add credibility to any claims you go on to make about the condition of your property in the future.

Your surveyor will be looking for problems affecting the interior and exterior of the property, including:

  • Cosmetic or surface-level issues – this will often include messy paintwork, usually around ceilings and skirting boards
  • Doors that don’t open or close properly – handles and hinges should be checked to make sure the door functions as it should
  • Issues with electrical work – this will involve checking plug sockets are correctly fitted and that all the light switches work
  • Loose tiling on the roof – this is one of the most common issues to come up in snagging surveys
  • Problems with plumbing – your surveyor will check all the taps in the house, as well as inspecting water tanks
  • Uneven stairs – this can become a dangerous trip hazard if left unfixed
  • Unstable gates or fences – if the fencing has locks, these will also be checked to make sure they’re secure

This is not a complete list, but it does give an idea of the level of work involved in a snagging survey. These types of surveys are not the same as ‘traditional’ house inspections, so it’s always worth instructing a surveyor who specialises in new builds if you can.

How many snags are normal on a new build?

There is no clear cut answer to this question, and it’s not uncommon for buyers and building companies to disagree on what is deemed to be a ‘snag’.

Having a new build snagging survey conducted by a professional can help when trying to prove to your housebuilder that there are issues to be fixed. But there is still a chance that your requests could be turned down.

If this happens, you may need to contact your warranty provider. They will arrange to meet with you and the housebuilder to try and come to a resolution. After this, a report will be published detailing the work that needs to be carried out and a timeframe will be set for its completion.

How much does a snagging survey cost?

This will depend largely on the size and location of your new home. But a professional snagging survey will usually be priced between £300 and £600. While this may sound like a lot of money, it is usually worth it in the long term.

For instance, your snagging report could reveal serious issues that will cost you much more further down the line. And even if there aren’t any problems with the property, you’ll have peace of mind knowing there aren’t any defects to be addressed.

How long do you have to snag a new build?

There is a two-year limit on when you can submit a snagging report to the housebuilder. But we would always suggest having a snagging list completed well before this – ideally while construction is still ongoing.

There are unfortunately many developers who will not allow snagging surveys to take place until construction has finished. If this is the case for you, try to arrange your survey for just after you move in.

The longer you wait to have a snagging survey carried out, the more opportunity there will be for your builder or developer to put any snags down to wear and tear.

If you need any help buying your new build home, our conveyancing solicitors can help you. We work with reputable firms up and down the country, so you’ll have the confidence of knowing an expert is on your side.

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