Slipped on a Wet Floor? Your Rights

Slipping on a wet floor is an accident most of us have had to be careful to avoid at some point. Whether it’s at home, work or in public, the risk of a wet floor is just a spill, splash or overflowing sink away.

In many cases, a wet floor will be due to someone’s negligence. This could be because they haven’t cleaned up the spill or carried out the necessary maintenance to stop it happening.

A slip on the floor can be embarrassing – but worse than that, it can hurt.

When this happens, you may be entitled to make a slip, trip or fall claim.

You have the right to be safe when you enter a public space or your workplace. If you’re not and you’re hurt as a result, you could then have the right to take legal action. This could be by making a compensation claim.

Public wet floor slips

In public, wet floors can be caused by cleaning, liquid spills, dropped food or leaks. You might encounter these issues in supermarkets, restaurants or public toilets.

The organisation responsible for the building you’ve slipped in is also responsible for your safety. They should keep an eye on the environment and clean up any spills or leaks quickly. If they can’t, they should ensure there are signs warning of the risks of the wet floor.

This means that if you’ve slipped on a wet floor in a building operated by a business that hasn’t tried to protect or warn you of the danger, you could make a claim against that company.

But it is more challenging to make a claim for a slip on a wet floor when it happens outside. If it happens because of a spill or cleaning that hasn’t been finished, you may be able to make a claim. however, if the floor was wet because it was raining, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take action.

It’s also important to remember that if the organisation you’re claiming against can show that they were going to fix the problem – whether that’s by putting a wet floor sign up or cleaning a spill – your claim will probably not be successful.

Slipping at work

The most common accident to strike British workers is a slip, trip or fall on the same level, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A fall was responsible for 30% of all non-fatal injuries sustained at work in 2021/22. 

This makes it a significant threat to workers. Certain industries are more likely to see workers suffer a slip on a wet floor. These include:

  • Catering and hospitality
  • Cleaning
  • Food and drink manufacturing
  • Retail

Your employer is required to maintain a safe working environment. If they don’t – and their negligence causes you to be injured – you could be able to make an accident at work claim against them.

Common injuries

Slipping on a wet floor doesn’t tend to cause the most severe types of injuries – including those resulting in death – but it can leave you in real pain.

For example, you might end up breaking a bone, particularly one in your arm as you break your fall. This could lead to permanent problems with that bone.

Some common injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruising
  • Cuts and scratches
  • Soft tissue damage, including to ligaments and tendons

But some people may suffer even more serious injuries after slipping. This could include a head or brain injury, which is a risk when the floor is hard or there are obstacles – such as tables – in the way. This sort of injury can change a person’s life. But it may be possible to claim compensation for a slip, trip or fall that causes an injury.

The compensation you’re awarded for a successful claim can help to improve your quality of life. You can use it to pay for medical care, home modifications, mobility aids and other ways to help your recovery or make you more comfortable.

Making a wet floor slip claim

If you want to make a claim against an organisation or your employer after slipping on a wet floor, First4Lawyers could help you do it.

We’ve helped many clients who have slipped on a wet floor get the compensation they’re entitled to – clients like Mrs Marshall, who was awarded £100,000 after she slipped and broke her wrist, which led to life-changing injuries.

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