Cosmetic Dentistry Claims

Cosmetic dentistry has become more popular in recent years. But it can be devastating when things go wrong. If you’ve been affected, you could have a claim.


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Types of cosmetic dentistry error claims

Cosmetic treatments for your teeth tend to be elective – meaning you choose to have it done, rather than it being essential.

Most cosmetic dentistry is performed successfully, but unfortunately there are cases where dentists act negligently and patients are harmed or left with sub-standard results.

Some examples of cosmetic dentistry negligence include:

  • Crowns not being fitted correctly – this could later cause damage to underlying teeth, resulting in decay or infection
  • Improper use of chemicals for whitening – if the chemicals involved in teeth whitening are left on too long or applied incorrectly, it could result in sensitivity or even chemical burns
  • Lack of preparation for veneers – when teeth aren’t properly prepared for the fitting of veneers, it can lead to them becoming extremely sensitive or infected

If you’ve suffered negligence while undergoing cosmetic dental work, you could be entitled to bring a claim. We offer a free no obligation consultation where we’ll talk to you about your case and let you know if we can help.

Why should I make a cosmetic dentistry claim?

Dentists, hygienists and dental nurses all have a duty of care towards you. This means that they should act in your best interests before, during and after a treatment or surgery.

If a dental professional has failed in their duty of care, and you’ve been negatively affected as a result, it’s only right that you pursue compensation and support.

We understand that making a claim might not be the first thing on your mind right now. You may be suffering physical pain due to the negligence of a dentist, or dealing with the emotional aftermath of your procedure going wrong.

But while bringing a claim won’t undo what happened, it could help to bring you some closure as any settlement you receive will take into account the suffering you’ve endured. It will also consider the cost of any corrective treatment you need, so you won’t be left to worry about the financial impact.

How can First4Lawyers help?

We’ve helped people who have been left in physical and emotional pain when veneers have gone wrong, or they’ve had recurring dental implant problems due to sub-standard work.

Our dental negligence solicitors are specialists in this area and will work on your behalf to get you the outcome you deserve. So you’ll have the confidence of knowing a legal expert is by your side throughout.

We also offer a No Win No Fee service for these types of claims, meaning there will be nothing for you to pay upfront and no legal fees to cover if your case is unsuccessful.

Only pay a fee if you receive compensation

Our No Win No Fee solicitors will take a success fee from the compensation you are awarded for a successful claim in the form of a percentage of your damages. This could be up to 25% but it won't be more than that, except in cases of road traffic accidents and housing disrepair. Changing laws mean our solicitors will now take a payment of 35% of the final compensation amount plus VAT for all road traffic accident and housing disrepair claims.

First4Lawyers are an award-winning claims management company with a track record of delivering service that our clients love.

Cosmetic dentistry claim FAQs

How much will my cosmetic dentistry claim be worth?

Cosmetic dentistry is a complicated and varied area. Settlements are worked out based on your individual circumstances, as well as taking into account any losses you have suffered.

If your case is successful, your compensation will be split into two sections – general and special damages.

General damages will consider the pain and suffering caused by negligence – this could be either physical or emotional. For a rough idea of how much your claim could be worth in general damages, try our free compensation calculator.

Special damages are slightly different as they will take into account any financial losses related to your case. This could include lost earnings if you’ve had to take time off work, or the cost of corrective procedures.

How long do I have to claim for cosmetic dentistry negligence?

Generally, you’ll have three years to make a claim after suffering cosmetic dentistry negligence. This could be three years from when your procedure took place, or from when you became aware of the issues caused – known as the date of knowledge.

If you were treated negligently, we would suggest speaking to a legal expert as soon as possible. Doing this will help to make sure your solicitor can access relevant evidence – such as dental records and witness accounts. It may also be easier for you to remember the details of what happened.

I think I have a claim – what should I do?

The most important thing to do is seek medical advice. We understand you may be hesitant to see another dentist after your experience, but it’s important that you’re checked over so the right actions can be taken to help you.

After this, you could consider making a claim. Our friendly advisors are here to talk to you about your case and answer any questions you may have about the claims process. Then, if we think you have a strong case, we’ll ask if you’d like to speak to one of our dedicated solicitors.

This decision will be completely up to you and there will be no pressure to go forward at this point. There will also be the option to call us back, so you don’t need to worry if you’re not sure straight away.

To speak to our team, give us a call on the number at the top of the screen or request a callback. We also have a quick and easy online claims form if you’d prefer to reach us this way.

We’re here to help whenever you’re ready.

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