Top Tips for When Your House Isn't Selling

You did the necessary sprucing up, decided on your estate agent and put your house on the market. You sit back and wait for the viewings and the offers.

But they don’t come.

When your house isn’t selling, it can feel like all your plans are on hold. But there are some things you could consider to give your home a boost in the market and put you on your way to securing that home sale.

  • Keep it clean

We all know it, but it’s easy to forget at busy and stressful times. During viewings, make sure everything is tidied away and the house is spotless. Keep pets out of the house and make sure there are no lingering smells. Ask your agent to check on that.

Don’t leave anything out that should be stored away or buyers will think there’s a lack of storage. Even if there is, they shouldn’t realise it. Make a checklist of things to tidy in each room and tick them off before every viewing.

  • New photos

If you’re not getting the viewings you thought you would, consider new photos. A sharper camera, flattering angles and at least two images of each room and external spaces could attract more attention. And tell your agent you want to approve the photos before they’re posted online.

And make sure you’re photographing every room. Some house hunters will immediately discount a home they see online if they can’t see every room, but may have gone to see it if the photos had been available. People usually just want to know what they’re getting themselves into.

  • Redecorate

If your home looks a bit dated – red carpets, dark brown furniture, kitsch wallpaper – you might want to think about redecorating. Some buyers can struggle to envision what a home would look like with their stamp on it so try to make things easier for them by keeping colours neutral.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to freshen things up. Time might be your biggest investment if you’re just moving some furniture out of the house temporarily. But whatever you do spend will be worth it if it helps sell your house.

  • Try another valuation

You don’t have to take on the services of another estate agent, but it could be worth getting another valuation to see if your home is priced appropriately.

If it’s priced too high, prospective buyers might filter it out during their online searches. So marketing it at the right price is one of the most important things you can do when trying to sell your house.

  • Video walk-through

They’re becoming more popular, but not every home sale features a video walk-through. Most buyers start their house hunt online so photos and video footage are the first impression they get of your home.

If your listing doesn’t have one, tell your agent you’d like one. If they’re resistant, just remember that you’re paying them for their service and you’re entitled to their best effort.

  • Work with a new agent

If you think your agent is the problem, you can usually start to work with another agent. But make sure you have the option to do that by checking your contract.

Properties are often marketed by two or three agents at the same time. It gives you more than appearing on Rightmove twice – it allows you to access different agents’ contacts and their lists of potential buyers.

  • Last resort: Consider other avenues

It might not be something you want to do, but selling your home through an auction may be necessary when nothing else is working. As long as your home is priced well, it should sell in an auction.

And if you need to sell urgently and no other channels have worked out, you could consider selling to a company that guarantees to buy your home. It will generally be for a lower-than-market value, so it's something to consider carefully.

After the offer

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