National Adoption Week 2019 Begins

National Adoption Week 2019 has begun, giving individuals and organisations the chance to raise awareness of the importance of adoption in changing lives.

According to First4Adoption, the national information service for those looking to adopt and the organisation behind National Adoption Week, the focus for this year’s event is the ‘priority’ children who wait the longest to be adopted.

This includes children in a sibling group, children from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, older children and those with complex health needs or disabilities.

National Adoption Week

The week will see a wide range of events taking place to share information about adoption. There will be something taking place in all areas of England, giving millions of people the chance to find out more about adopting.

Information events will be held across the country, giving potential adoptive parents the chance to discuss adoption with those who have already become parents this way. Attendees will be able to ask any questions they have about the process.

First4Adoption is also encouraging everyone to use social media to raise awareness of the fact that more people than you think may be able to adopt a child.

Who can adopt?

For those wondering if they would be good adoptive parents, First4Adoption has set out a number of questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you provide love, time and commitment to a child?
  • Can you empathise with a child who may never have experienced the security of feeling safe and loved?
  • Can you be patient and flexible, to supportively adapt to whatever unique challenges may come from the child’s circumstances?
  • Do you have the energy and health to provide a long-term family for a child?

The organisation has said that if the answer to all those questions is yes, there is a good chance you could be an adoptive parent.

There are few automatic exclusions barring someone from adopting in the UK, so there is a good chance you will be able to adopt. As long as you are aged over 21, have no serious criminal convictions or cautions and live in the UK, you could be considered.

Who can be adopted?

In order for a child to be eligible for adoption, they must be under 18 and unmarried or not in a civil partnership. They must never have been in a legally recognised relationship such as this.

They must also have adoption consent from their biological parents. However, there is an exception when the parents cannot be found or if they are incapable of giving consent through a lack of mental capacity.

Most importantly, for a child to be considered eligible to be adopted, they must not be put at risk if an adoption goes ahead.


If you’re looking to adopt, it is advisable to take legal advice. A qualified family law solicitor will be able to help you work out where you stand and what your next steps should be.

To discuss your application, just get in touch with First4Lawyers.


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