Injuries During Exercise: Cycling Crashes to Gym Accidents

A pulled muscle isn’t the only way you might end up injured while you’re exercising.

Wherever you work out, potential risks will likely be present. From the gym to the football pitch, you could find yourself involved in an accident you never expected.

But is there anything you can do about it?

Cycling accidents

Cycling isn’t generally considered a dangerous sport – but when it’s done on the roads, it makes the cyclist vulnerable. Cars pose a significant risk to anyone on a bike, but if you’re hit by one while riding, you could be able to make a cycling accident claim against the driver.

But it’s not just cars that make cycling potentially risky. Certain road conditions can lead to crashes. Potholes, unfinished road surfaces and other road defects will cause more serious accidents – and potential injuries – to cyclists than other road users.

Gym accidents

A slip, trip or fall is a common injury suffered in public places, like gyms. And when cleaning is as important as it currently is, there are probably going to be more slip hazards present. So paying attention to all potential spills or any areas where cleaning has just taken place is important.

But it’s not just these kinds of accidents that can injure you. Gyms are full of equipment. These machines need to be properly maintained or they risk malfunctioning. And if you’re the unlucky person using that machine when it does, you might get hurt. Gym accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries, so it’s important to be careful.

Running incidents

Running may be free of contact with others but there are still potential risks to looping around your local area. Just one of those is dogs and the risk of bites or attacks – something so many runners have had to deal with, there are multiple guides available to dealing with them.

If you’re running on the roads, vehicles present another threat. It’s vital to make yourself as visible as possible to give drivers the best chance of seeing you. And make sure you give yourself the best chance of hearing any approaching vehicles by keeping your headphone volume reasonable and not blocking out external noise.

Sports injuries

Although summer tends to see more non-contact professional sports – like cricket and tennis –recreational football and rugby leagues often continue. And in these contact sports, the risk of injury increases. Violent or reckless tackles can result in serious injuries.

Meanwhile, bad training can result in poor techniques that could cause you to hurt yourself or someone else to injure you. It’s also important to remember that heading footballs has been banned in training for children up to the age of 12. If your child has been instructed to head the ball, this is something to look into as a potential football injury.

What you can do

There will be times when these incidents will be caused by another person. When this happens, it can feel like things have gone against you. But it’s not something you just have to accept as unlucky.

When your accident and injury has been caused by someone else’s negligence, you could be able to take legal action to make things right. A personal injury claim may be possible if you were hurt through no fault of your own in the last three years.

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