Injured at Work: Do I Get Paid?

One of the first things you’ll probably think about after you’re injured at work is if you’ll get paid.

Your finances could be affected by an injury – especially if you have to then take time off work – so it’s important to know what to do and what you’re entitled to.

What you could end up getting paid will depend on things like how you were hurt, who was responsible and your employment status.

Worker’s compensation after an injury

After being injured at work, you should first work out if your accident was caused by yourself or by someone else’s negligence.

If someone else was responsible for your accident, you could be entitled to claim compensation from your employer. This is because they are responsible for your safety at work. If they didn’t keep you as safe and healthy as possible, they could be held responsible for an accident.

When your employer’s negligence is responsible for your injury, they will usually have to pay you compensation for what happened to you.

Your employer is required to have an insurance policy in place to pay out for any claims, so you won’t be claiming directly against them. This means you won’t be directly affecting your employer’s finances.

If you’re worried about any action your employer might take against you for claiming, remember that if they sack you for it, you could make an unfair dismissal claim.

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How much compensation could I get?

Every accident and injury is unique. This makes it difficult to say exactly what you could be entitled to in compensation for your accident at work.

Compensation is awarded for the various ways you might be affected after an accident. This includes the physical and mental pain you experience. Specific injuries are usually awarded a certain amount.

For example, a minor shoulder injury could see compensation of up to £6,290. Meanwhile, the complete loss of sight in one eye could be awarded between £39,270 and £43,710. Our Compensation Calculator could give you a rough idea of what you could be entitled to for certain injuries.

But you can also be compensated for other things, including a loss of earnings. The cost of medical treatment, travel to and from medical appointments and any mobility aids you may need can also be reimbursed, so make sure you keep your receipts.

How much will I get paid after being injured at work?

It’s not always straightforward to work out what you could be paid after an injury at work. There may be times where you are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

You could qualify for SSP if you:

  • Are classed as an employee and have carried out work for your employer
  • Earn an average of at least £120 per week
  • Have been off work for at least four days in a row

The SSP rate is £96.35 a week for up to 28 weeks. Your employer may offer additional sick pay so check your employment contract for details.

If relying on SSP will leave you with financial concerns, the best thing to do may be making a compensation claim. This can help give you the time to focus on recovery rather than getting back to work.

What injuries could I get compensation for?

Workplaces are all different. This means there are many different types of injuries you might suffer while at work.

The Health and Safety Executive has found that the most common non-fatal injury type in Britain is slipping, tripping or falling on the same level.

Manual handling injuries were the second most common type, while being struck by a moving object was third. Perhaps surprisingly, being caught up in an act of violence was the fourth most common cause of injuries suffered at work, while falling from a height was fifth.

You could also end up injured due to defective equipment or inadequate PPE. Your employer has the responsibility to make sure equipment is maintained properly and is safe to use. They are also required to provide you with the appropriate PPE, if necessary. If they haven’t met their obligations, you could be entitled to make a claim against them.

What to do after being hurt

If you’re injured at work, knowing if you’ll still get paid while you recover isn’t always clear right away.

Check on everything you might be entitled to as soon as you can – from SSP to compensation for your injury. This could help ensure you aren’t worrying about your finances, but are instead able to focus on your recovery.

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