How Long Does it Take to Receive an Offer of Compensation?

When making a personal injury claim, you’ll have a lot on your mind. But one of the first things you might consider is how long it will take to receive an offer of compensation.

The fact is that there is no one answer to this question. That’s because a number of factors have an effect on how long it takes. This can mean that you end up waiting longer to receive your offer of compensation than someone else with a similar type of injury.

Your injury circumstances

Your injury itself is going to be one of the main factors affecting how long it takes to receive an offer of compensation. The type of injury and its severity will have an impact on how long it takes for your solicitor to negotiate with the party responsible for your accident.

The way you were injured will also have an effect. For example, a road traffic accident claim will usually be resolved quicker than a claim for medical negligence. That’s because some accidents are more complicated and require deeper investigations and more evidence to prove what happened.

How long it takes to compile and review the evidence around your case will make a difference. This can include the report from a medical assessment arranged by your solicitor. It could take anywhere from a matter of weeks to a number of months to arrange this assessment and this will depend on things like your health, the medical expert’s workload and even where in the UK you live.

The issue of liability

Whether the responsible party accepts or denies liability is another important factor. In the most clear-cut cases of negligence, responsible parties will accept liability relatively quickly and your solicitor can then begin negotiations for compensation.

But if liability is denied, it will take longer to conclude your claim. You may even end up in court if liability is not accepted. Although this is extremely rare – with the vast majority of claims being settled outside of court – it is something your solicitor will discuss with you as a possibility.

Even when liability is accepted, it is not always straightforward to come to an agreement on compensation. Some insurers will make a low initial offer, which you might refuse. Your solicitor will then have to work to get you a fair amount of compensation for your injury.

How long will I wait to receive my compensation?

After your case is concluded and your compensation amount is agreed, you will then have to wait to receive it. This is not typically a long wait, however. In some cases, insurers will process the compensation payout within a few days. In most cases, though, you will have to wait between two and four weeks to receive your compensation.

If you need your compensation sooner than that – to pay for medical treatment, for example – your solicitor may be able to arrange for you to receive an interim payment. This is when part of the compensation you are likely to receive is paid in advance. It will be deducted from your final payout.

Interim payments are also helpful when you are unable to work due to your injury and are losing out on wages.

How can I speed up my claim?

When you think you’ve suffered a personal injury, you should begin the process of making a claim as soon as possible. Not only will this result in an earlier conclusion, but it will make the process more straightforward. That is because the details of the accident will be fresh in your mind and you could find it easier to access certain forms of evidence.

You’ll also help move your claim along quicker if you have your evidence ready. Take as many photographs and videos of your injury and the accident as possible and get the details of any witnesses. Providing these to your solicitor quickly will reduce the overall time spent investigating your case.

It’s also important to co-operate with your solicitor. Respond to emails, letters and phone calls as quickly as you can. Ensure you sign and send back any forms promptly. You should also make sure you are ready to attend your medical assessment when it is arranged – you can even tell your solicitor you want your appointment as soon as possible.

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