Medical Negligence Solicitors: How Can They Help Me?


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Medical negligence solicitors are not people you want to have to rely on. After all, the reason they exist is because something has gone wrong and you’ve been hurt by the clinicians who were supposed to help you. But that is exactly why you need the best solicitors to help you.

Suffering from medical negligence can be devastating. It can result in significant harm to your health – both physical and mental.

You might find that you struggle to do everyday activities you would have normally carried out without a problem. You may become anxious about future medical treatment, worrying that it could happen again. And you may decide to take legal action to help ensure it doesn’t.

Medical negligence solicitors

Medical negligence solicitors are the people you need to help you act. They are there to help you get justice for an injury caused by a medical professional – whether it was carried out by your GP, a care home, a cosmetic surgeon or even an optician. You may have been treated by the NHS or by a private healthcare provider. The conditions are the same whether you paid for the treatment or not – if your provider treated you negligently and it caused you harm, you are entitled to justice.

You are entitled to healthcare that meets a certain standard. If you have not received it, you are then entitled to justice for that negligence within three years of it happening. This is how medical negligence solicitors can help you.

They work to get you the justice you deserve for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. They do this by making a No Win No Fee medical negligence claim for compensation. This can go towards helping you cover any costs to help your recovery process.

What do medical negligence solicitors do?

As part of the medical negligence claims process, your solicitor will evaluate your case. They will then let you know whether you have a strong enough claim. It can be challenging to prove medical negligence, so the solicitors we work with will not raise your hopes unnecessarily by taking on cases they don’t think are strong enough.

Medical negligence solicitors need to prove that the care you received was below the standard of a competent medical professional. They also need to show that it caused your health to be harmed and that it would not have happened if you had not received that treatment.

If you then agree to go ahead with a claim, your solicitor will investigate your case. This will involve examining the evidence around what happened to you. This is why it can pay to have your evidence together before beginning your claim. This can include witness details, photos and video of your injury and dates and times of medical appointments.

Your solicitor will then get your medical records from the healthcare professional or organisation that caused your injury. They may also arrange for a medical expert to review your records and carry out an assessment of your health. This will provide them with expert evidence of your injury or illness and how it has affected – and may continue to affect – you.

Medical negligence solicitors’ work

Your solicitor will then send a formal letter of complaint to the organisation that caused your injury. It will explain what happened to you and how it was negligent on their part. The organisation will be able to respond, either admitting or denying that they were responsible.

If they accept liability, your solicitor will then negotiate with them to get an appropriate level of compensation for you. The amount that you settle on will depend on the severity of your injury and how it affects you, so it is different for every injury. For a rough idea of what you may be awarded for a specific injury, visit our compensation calculator.

But if the organisation denies liability, medical negligence solicitors will inform you of their decision and consult with you about the next steps. This may involve issuing proceedings, which could mean that your case ends up in court. This is a rare event, with most defendants settling before the trial begins. Your solicitor will keep you updated about what will happen, offering you support throughout the process.

Because of the No Win No Fee claim agreement, you won’t have to worry about paying your solicitor upfront. In fact, you’ll only have to pay them ­if they win your case. This means if they are not successful, you won’t have to pay them their fees. This removes the financial risk for you, letting you focus on your recovery. Your solicitor will discuss all fees at the very beginning of the claims process so you won’t face any surprising charges later down the line.

How can medical negligence solicitors help me?

For many, the thought of making a medical negligence compensation claim can be daunting and often intimidating. This is why it’s important to find a solicitor you can trust to help you through.

First4Lawyers work with expert medical negligence solicitors who work hard to get you the compensation you deserve – compensation that can help you get back on your feet and feeling better.

Our solicitors were able to help Justin claim £15,000 when his broken wrist was misdiagnosed, leading to scarring and continued problems using his wrist.

To find out more about whether you’re eligible to make a claim or how we can help, just give us a free call, request a call back or start your claim online and we’ll be in touch. Our understanding and compassionate claims advisors are happy to talk you through your options.


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