Our Recruitment Process

There are 4 simple steps to working with us

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Telephone interview
  • Step 3: On-site assessment
  • Step 4: Face-to-face interview


Step 1: Apply

Once you are confident First4lawyers are the right company for you, then it’s time to apply. Please send your CV and a cover letter directly to us. You can do this online here. Your cover letter should outline why you believe you are suited to the role and why you want to work with us at First4lawyers.

Step 2: Telephone Interview

Once we have received your CV and cover letter if we want to discuss anything in your CV any further, we will ring you for a telephone interview. This is designed to assess your suitability for the role and your communication skills.  If you don’t hear from us within 3 working days following your telephone interview, it is likely you haven’t been successful in getting to the next stage of our application process. 

Step 3 On-site assessment

If you have been successful at Stage 2, then you will be invited to join us at our Huddersfield office to take part in our group assessment day. Firstly, you will do a meet and greet with us and the other candidates as well as take part in a ‘getting to know you’ exercise. This is your chance to tell us who you are.

Each candidate will then take it in turns to do a call simulation role play, designed to give you all the information you need about what it is like working for First4lawyers, as well as your chance to show us your people skills and personality.

To prepare you for the activity, we will listen to a recorded role play together. This will give you an idea of how we do things, the call structure and gives you an idea of the types of questions you may want to ask in your role play.

You will be given 5 mins to get your notes/thoughts together before starting the role play.

The role play will take place in the office where the claims team will be making real calls. This is designed to give you a feel of what it’s like working alongside the claims team. You won’t be making a call with a real client, instead it is a role play with a member of the claims team. The scenario will be a personal injury claim, so could be a personal injury caused by accident at work, a road traffic accident or an accident in a supermarket.

We are looking for people who can think on their feet and lead a conversation in a friendly, down-to-earth, genuine and professional way. We want you to show us you have a natural ability to align and build empathy with our clients. We understand you may be nervous but just try to relax and be yourself as this is your main opportunity to impress us. It is important to understand that the role is difficult so you need to show us during the role play that you can cope with any questions and lead the call in a friendly, conversational way from start to finish.

In between your call simulation role play, you will be completing some exercises. We appreciate you may not have legal knowledge, but this isn’t a pass or fail part of the day. We are simply looking for your thought process and reasoning for your answers. Once you have completed your exercises and role play there will be a short break before you find out if you have made it to the final 1-2-1 interview stage.

Step 4: Face-to-face interview

The last stage of our recruitment process is the 1-2-1 interview, which takes place on the same day. It will be a traditional formal interview.

We understand you may be nervous but try to relax and be yourself. We are not trying to catch you out – we just need to ensure you are suitable for the role and have the right skills to deliver the first-class customer service we are known for.

Role play and interview hints and tips

Be prepared

Do your research into what the job involves. Do the hours available suit your lifestyle? First4lawyers offer long-term opportunities and are committed to supporting people in their careers, so think about whether you can you see yourself at First4lawyers? Most importantly, consider whether this the kind of role you can see yourself doing in the future.

You will be judged on your performance on the day and we can’t give anyone second chances so relax and be yourself.

If you have any questions throughout the day make sure you ask. You need to be sure you want to work for us as much as we need to ensure you are suitable for the role.

Training programme

If you are successful at the interview stage, we will phone you back as quickly as possible to offer you the job and once you accept, we’ll send you all the paperwork. When you start with us we will welcome you with open arms. During your induction, you will learn about First4Lawyers and our vision and values. During this time, you will experience classroom training, designed to teach you all you need to know about the law and call skills as well as more practical on-the-phone training.

We are really committed to your development so ongoing support and mentoring will be ongoing from the Head of Claims, who is an experienced solicitor, as well as the claims team leader and your team members.

You will be given a trainee buddy so they can share their experiences and you can get a real insight into what it is like to work in your team and the business.

The role involves working at a PC for most of your day and you'll be working on multiple screens, gathering data and inputting information for clients. You will need to have decent PC skills, able to navigate around a keyboard whilst talking to your customer. However, our training will provide you with the skills, tools and experience you require to deliver this on each call.

Some of the people who join us have no legal or call centre experience whatsoever. Your induction will give you all the legal knowledge, procedures, communication techniques and support you need to perform in your role.

We appreciate that people work in different ways and at different speeds so there will be opportunity for performance reviews and role plays.


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