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Dermal fillers, Botox, lip fillers and anti-ageing treatments are increasingly popular, but they can go wrong.


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Dermal fillers, Botox, lip fillers and anti-ageing treatments are increasingly popular with both women and men these days, but what are your rights if your dermal or lip fillers have gone wrong, or you’ve had a bad Botox experience?

A lot of these cosmetic procedures are woefully under-regulated so it’s important to choose carefully. Stories are all too common of botched cosmetic treatments, causing bruising, scarring and damage to facial features. Allergic reactions and muscle paralysis have also been reported in some cases.

What are dermal fillers and Botox?

Dermal fillers and Botox are used to get rid of, or lessen, wrinkles and lines.

Fillers involve injecting a naturally occurring substance called Hyaluronic Acid just under the skin, to plump it up, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Botox – or Botulinum toxin to give its full name – is a natural protein used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles.

Most procedures are carried out privately – rarely being offered by the NHS for cosmetic purposes.

If you have had a botched cosmetic procedure, you may have a claim for dermal filler negligence if:

  • the filler used has moved to another part of your face
  • excessive swelling, redness and bruising has occurred
  • the injection site has become infected
  • the site has become lumpy
  • you received sub-standard care

Why should I claim Botox or dermal filler compensation?

Your appearance is important to you, and you trust that your treatments are being carried out by qualified professionals. When this isn’t the case, it’s emotionally upsetting. If your aesthetic procedure has caused you harm, then it’s important to bring those responsible to justice. It might also help prevent them doing the same to others.

Compensation can fund corrective treatment, as well as reimburse you for the suffering and any other losses and expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury.

How much compensation will I receive for a dermal fillers claim?

The amount of compensation for Botox gone wrong, or dermal filler negligence very much depends on your individual circumstances and the injuries caused. To give you an idea though, damages for minor scarring can range from £1,500 to £3,090. Whereas very severe scarring causing disfigurement and psychological trauma can be in the region of £26,120 to £85,340.

Two things are assessed when calculating compensation for personal injury claims:

  1. General damages examine the direct effects of the injury. The pain and suffering endured, as well as loss of amenity are assessed. Loss of amenity can be both physical and psychological.
  2. Special damages are the financial losses, or ‘out of pocket’ expenses, caused by the injury. This might include loss of earnings and costs of medical treatment.

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